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Desi Writers' Lounge is an online, 24/7, 365 days a year writers' workshop and community. The bulk of the workshopping is conducted on our forums, where our members and writers undergo intense critiquing sessions.

Papercuts is our biannually published online literary magazine, which contains our membership's best material of the half year as well as thematic content. Submission is open to the public. Submission guidelines can be found here.

We request that all prospective members submit a writing sample (or a reason for joining if not a writer) with their registration request. Think you have something to offer? If so, join us!



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  • The Karachi Readers’ Club turns one
    Over the past year we’ve read eleven books from different genres, consumed gallons of shikanjbeen, and stepped out of our reading zones. There is no one book that was unanimously liked or disliked. We’ve had heated arguments over the theme, style of writing and in some cases, the ending of the book. Even now there are some authors whose very mention makes some members’ blood boil. The DWL Karachi Readers’ Club started a reading movement and other cities within and outside …

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